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bekah lynn baker

front-end web developer. wordpress enthusiast.

about me

in the beginning was the Compaq Presario 5460 desktop computer, and several AOL Hometown sites built in easy designer- and they were not good.

Next came the geocities sites with flashing banners and animated backgrounds- and they were not good, either.

Then html was learned - and it was not good, but it was something.

As the years went on, more languages were learned and more sites were developed - and it was quite a bit closer, at least, to what you would call good.

And now, having learned languages such as html, css, javascript and a sprinkling of php, and understanding that under no circumstances should there be a flashing and/or flaming marquee on any site, i am confident in saying - it is good.

currently, i am working towards better.

my work

some of my most recent projects

my portfolio

(seems obvious...but i am proud of this)
A custom Wordpress site


A custom e-commerce site built with Wordpress/woocommerce

dc & marvel character quiz

A custom interactive quiz

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i am currently available for freelance work. please contact me with any projects you would like to discuss.

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